In The Name of God The Beneficent The Merciful

Muhammad Hani Mirza 

Servant of the Ahlul Bayt , International speaker, Journalist and political analyst , Student of Islam, Thinker

About ME

 Muhammad Hani Mirza, Is a servant of the Ahlulbayt, an International lecturer,  Independent  Investigative Journalist, a Student of Islamic Seminary, and an Intelectual Thinker.  He invested his time in studying Islam, Phycology,  international politics, and Governments . 

He believes in supporting the oppressed and standing up against oppression, he support Whats right no mater what the majority  thinks. 

I report news on and release opinionated  statements on twitter and  release Video Analysis and Islmaic Lectures on youtube. short clips and other statements are posted on TikTok and Instagram.


Social: “@mhanim313"